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STARTTS in Sydney, Australia

The New South Wales Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS), in Sydney,  is one of Australia’s leading organisations that helps refugees recover from their experiences and build a new life in Australia.  Most of these refugees have been exposed to multiple traumatic events and suffer severe PTSD.

STARTTS currently employs over 170 professionals from a diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds speaking at least 25 different languages and they utilise a bio-psycho-social model in assessing the impact of trauma, planning treatment and framing interventions. Their services include:

  • Neurofeedback and biofeedback
  • Counselling and psychotherapy
  • Physiotherapy and acupuncture
  • Naturopath consultations
  • Psychiatric assessment/treatment
  • Group therapy/treatment
  • Yoga, Capoeira classes

Neurofeedback was added several years ago, and their rate of success in fully rehabilitating these refugee victims has skyrocketed. The Neurofeedback group had reduced symptoms of Trauma, Anxiety and Depression from Pre to Post assessments compared with the waiting list control group. They also increased their cognitive and verbal ability and were able to discharge many of the experimental group as fully rehabilitated citizens able to contribute to society.

The results have been so meaningful that STARTTS now offer neurofeedback to all their clients.  

In the US, where trauma treatment is fragmented, driven by the pharmaceutical companies, and dictated by insurance firms, wraparound services are not available, neurofeedback is offered only to clients who search, and our treatment outcomes are poor.  Perhaps we could take the Australia lead and provide a wide range of services to those who are in need.

Brain Mapping soon to be available at WindwardBiofeedbackAssociates

View neurofeedback videoWe’re so excited! Our brain mapping equipment has arrived, and very soon we will be able to match a map of your brain to the symptoms you mention to make our training even more effective! Imagine – you’ll be able to see what parts of your brain manage various tasks in a real time situation. Cool!