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It’s easy to schedule your Windward Biofeedback appointment. Just call or text our numbers. 808-781-3007, Peggy; 808-781-3008, George; 808-352-3850, Laura.

1. Select the type of session you need by clicking on “Select Service”. Complete descriptions of our services are listed lower on this page. Once you’ve selected the type of appointment you want, available appointment times will be shown in dark gray.

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Currently the Windward Biofeedback Associates schedule is quite busy; there may be a significant wait for an appointment with Peggy Hill. George Carlson and Laura Rosas Leong have more availability, and you may call them directly at the numbers above.

If the situation is an emergency, please call Peggy directly 808-781-3007.

Biofeedback Services

Intake session

Introduction to services, assessment of your current situation and treatment goals, diagnostic interview, and development of plan for treatment. Several assessment instruments are used and scored. Please download the Assessment and Registration packet specific to the therapist you will see. You will need to complete it and e-mail it to us in advance or bring it, completed, to the first session.

Psychotherapy with Biofeedback

Talk therapy session includes one or several forms of biofeedback, including neurofeedback (eeg brain-based biofeedback), HeartMathTM and autogenics. Service is covered by most insurance plans.  Biofeedback treatment forms should be filled out every 10 sessions. 50 minute session $125.

Psychotherapy Session

Talk therapy using Cognitive Behavioral strategies. Service is covered by most insurance plans. 45 minute session $125.

Polarity Therapy Session

Polarity therapy session includes energy balancing and cranial sacral work with Master’s level registered polarity practitioner. Polarity therapy is not covered by insurance. Sessions may be purchased individually at the $90 rate, or purchased in groups of 10 sessions.

Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurofeedback therapy session with trained Master’s level clinician working under supervision. This service is not covered by insurance. Sessions may be booked individually at $90 per session.

Assessment using MiniQ or qEEG Pro

Brain mapping (qEEG or MiniQ) is a diagnostic technique that provides information that can be used to reduce the number of neurofeedback sessions and increase the effectiveness of treatment. It can indicate which brain areas have brainwave abnormalities, the degree of abnormality, and the brainwave frequencies that are involved. Cost is $50 in addition to session fee.

Brainmapping can also be conducted as a standalone service and includes intake, other assessment measures, discussion. This 3 hour appointment is billed at $350 and is not covered by insurance.