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Our Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Services

We’re here to help you every step of the way

We offer a complete assessment of your situation, including an intake interview with Psychosocial history, a Depression/Anxiety/Stress screening, a thorough review of symptoms, and a Test of Continuous Performance when needed. These assessments are repeated at intervals during treatment, so you know how you’re progressing.

We offer thorough planning for your treatment, including goal setting, coordination, and referral services.

We offer professional treatment to help you reach your goals. Treatment may include psychotherapy, skills development, biofeedback services including Neurotherapy (neurofeedback, EEG biofeedback, Brain Based Biofeedback), pIR ™, HeartMath™ and autogenics interventions. We offer the Play Attention™ program to help consolidate gains in concentration and learning.

Most of all, we offer success!

With a DSM V diagnosis your treatment costs are likely covered by insurance

Psychotherapy services, including help managing children’s attention and behavior and help managing stress and anxiety, are covered by most medical insurances under behavioral health with a modest copayment due from the client. Peggy Hill, LCSW, BCN, 808-781-3007 and Laura Leong, MA, LMHC, 808-352-3850 provide these services.

Peak Performance services, including academic improvement, can be obtained through private payment

Services rendered for peak performance enhancement and general academic improvement are paid directly by the client. George Carlson MS, 808-781-3008, provides these services.

A special program for soldiers

Windward Biofeedback Associates is especially committed to helping our returning warriors recover from the stress of deployment and the company participates in the Homecoming4Veterans program when a returning warrior does not have insurance coverage.

Further information about this healing program is available at the Homecoming4Veterans website. You may also want to read this article by Sarah Lucero of KENS 5 about PTSD and Neurofeedback.

A better life

Neurofeedback works by helping you to learn how to regulate your brain easily. Like physical fitness training, the effects tend to be global, leading to better rest, more energy, and a better life.

On the Blue Menu

Biofeedback is included in The State of Hawaii Department of Public Health’s “Blue Menu” of Evidence Based Interventions for ADHD.

Help students succeed

Some Charter and Preparatory Schools routinely use neurofeedback to help their students succeed.

Handle first-night jitters

Many top performers have incorporated neurofeedback into their training regime to help them handle performance stress.

Migraine treatment

Biofeedback is considered a treatment of choice for migraine headaches by the National Institute of Health and by the Mayo Clinic.