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About Us

Peggy Hill, LCSW, BCN, is Board Certified in Neurofeedback (also called Neurotherapy, EEG –or Brain Based Biofeedback) clinician and a Hawaii licensed clinical social worker.  She has helped adults and children reach their goals for 30 years, using biofeedback, neurofeedback, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, parent training and hypnotherapy.  She has extensive experience helping families quiet their ADHD and oppositional children and calm their anxious and school phobic children, and also helping adults recover from severe Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

George Carlson, MA, M.Th., Registered Polarity Practitioner, is a neurofeedback therapist with advanced training in helping children with ADHD focus and perform well and helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder manage themselves in a school setting. With a background in Polarity and Massage Therapies as well as Psychology, and as a TaiChi and Yoga instructor, George’s passion is helping people become comfortable with their physical selves. George offers expertise in calming out of control children and helping them learn to regulate themselves. A colleague says “George makes monsters misters”. He has extensive school-based experience, and can help parents talk with school personnel to obtain the best possible program for their child. And, as a veteran, he understands the concerns of military personnel. He is a founding partner of Windward Biofeedback Associates.

Laura Rosas Leong, MA, LMHP has specialized training in cognitive rehabilitation and has a passion for helping those with brain injuries. She’s an experienced researcher as well as an artist and a trained yoga instructor. She joined WBA in 2017 and also practices in Kaimuki.

About their practice, they say…

“I love to find more effective ways to help people in pain, both physical and mental, relieve their suffering and find joy in their lives.  My pleasure lies in offering just the right tool or technique to help a particular individual or family function, and therefore feel better.”
Peggy Hill

“Although I strongly value the cognitive Western approach to personal development,   I feel the missing piece is the connection between mental processes, physiology, and spirit.  Biofeedback and neurofeedback (EEG –or Brain Based Biofeedback) cross that gap.”
George Carlson