Windward Biofeedback Associates

Windward Biofeedback

Training Your Brain to Work for You

Introduces Windward Biofeedback Associates

Staff at Windward Biofeedback are interested in helping people maximize brain functioning in order to live more joyfully– neurofeedback training is useful for waking up lazy, bored brains, like ADHD kids have, for quieting down fast, obsessive brains, like many executives have, and for helping people sleep better when they haven’t been able to for awhile.  Neurofeedback is a no medication – learn to control your own processes approach to functioning better.  And yes, when it would help, our staff can provide psychotherapy, hypnosis, parent counseling, and marriage counseling, too.

And you get to play with all my gadgets as well – Breath training programs, Heart Math Biofeedback, alpha stimulation for pain management, Audio visual Entrainment Devices.